The problem is that you don’t necessarily see quality, “says Wacker.

The experiment is not expensive either: a night for two in a caravan costs from 75 euros, and there is plenty of space in the beer garden to avoid being too close: used: SRT travel editor

Corona traffic jam on the hiking trails? It’s not that far yet. Nevertheless, autumn offers the opportunity to discover new paths. How you can enjoy nature safely and away from many people.

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During the Corona crisis, hiking is more popular as a leisure activity than it has been for a long time. Therefore, the German Hiking Association advises not to take paths that are so overcrowded.

"The background is that we expect larger crowds at the well-known hiking hotspots. Therefore, it can make sense to plan a hike off the beaten path" says managing director Ute Dicks.

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Hiking boom in the Corona year

The association expects the boom to continue and this year more people will take a hiking holiday in this country due to the Corona restrictions on travel. "Hiking will be a particularly popular holiday activity, also for people who have never or only rarely hiked" said Dicks. "General hygiene and distance rules can be observed very well when hiking."

In the past few months, more hikers have been on the extensive network of trails in Germany, said association spokesman Jens Kuhr. The more imponderables there are, the more interesting the hiking becomes.

Discover the treasures of home

In order to provide good accompaniment to hikers during the corona pandemic, the association has published corona guides for regions, hikers and walkers. It contains recommendations and basic information. In addition to hygiene and distance rules, there are also further tips. So the vastness of the road network should be used. "In addition to the lighthouse trails, which are heavily advertised by tourists, the network offers a variety of tours and options." A tip: explore the treasures of home.

Association spokesman Kuhr recommends: Look for gems in the area and sometimes take more unknown paths. "Local hiking clubs and tourist information offices can provide information about which paths are less crowded." In addition, the information on the internet should be used to find out about the events before hiking.

Keep your distance and show consideration

According to the association, it currently makes sense to refrain from carpooling if the minimum distance to protect against the corona virus cannot be observed. Hikers should then prefer to use public transport. Those who do take the car should avoid particularly heavily frequented parking spaces for hikers.

The association also recommends: If heavily used paths have a high proportion of paths or bottlenecks are inevitable, attention should be paid to whether only one walking direction is expressly recommended. Hikers should follow the respective recommendations and show consideration for each other.

Tips for tour planning

The association encourages experienced and well-oriented hikers to use topographical hiking maps. They show a larger section and more options compared to apps and digital portals. The association has created a video course on how to use hiking maps so that those interested can navigate themselves.

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The association gives tips on tour planning on the website: Users can choose from a wide selection of stages and tours from the approximately 15,000-kilometer network of certified quality hiking trails. According to the association, there are around 200,000 kilometers of hiking trails maintained by volunteers in Germany.

Sources used: dpa-tmn news agency

Rain jackets – these are misshapen covers in black or dark green that somehow remind you of tents. Or not anymore? Today, many models are fashionable and stylish, because the outdoor demand has changed significantly, as one expert explains.

It rains and rains and rains: When autumn presents itself like this, even big city dwellers with short distances and convinced car drivers do without the umbrella at some point – and pull out their raincoats. You can buy the wind and weather jackets for classic outdoor needs – although this was not considered particularly fashionable for a long time.

But that has changed, says Frank Wacker from "Outdoor magazine" in Stuttgart: "The jacket, which is suitable for hiking, is also suitable for everyday use – unless it is an ultra-light model that weighs less than 400 grams. The outdoor manufacturers have done a lot in terms of colors and cuts: there are now really chic jackets."

Quality is not always visible

Even more than with other items of clothing, rain jackets depend on high quality workmanship. Because where the tapes used to seal the seams are not properly processed, water penetrates. "The problem is that you don’t necessarily see quality" says Wacker. "I’ve been testing rain jackets for 20 years and even I can’t make it without our extensive practical and laboratory tests: It’s good and it’s not so good."

Especially with the rain jackets with lining that are more common in everyday life, for example, the seam tapes cannot be inspected. And even if it does, the durability of the bond after washing is in question. "This can look perfect when new, but it can come off in the washing machine" explains Wacker. He therefore advises relying on brand quality: "The outdoor manufacturers simply have the most experience with the subject. You can also find good jackets at the usual fashion manufacturers, but there are too great fluctuations here overall."

Colorful for dreary days: rainwear has become fashionable. But the classic yellow Frisian mink can also be found frequently. (Source: Franziska Gabbert / dpa-tmn)

Difference between hardshell and softshell jackets

The outdoor industry offers many materials – and even more names for them. Basically you should know: So-called hardshell jackets are waterproof and breathable – and therefore suitable as classic rain jackets. Softshell, on the other hand, describes textiles with higher breathability, but which are only water-repellent. "When it rains properly, they reach their limits" explains Wacker.

A feature of the jackets that is often advertised are so-called membranes or coatings, which are applied as a wafer-thin film on the inside of the outer material and are often named after their manufacturers. The best known include Gore-Tex, Sympatex and Dermizax, but many brand manufacturers of clothing also have their own membrane. Basically, there is always a similar principle behind it: The material prevents moisture from penetrating and allows sweat to be carried away to the outside.

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According to Wacker, the problem here for consumers is the lack of comparability: The labels often contain values ​​for water resistance or vapor permeability. But the expert has repeatedly experienced in tests that these details are not comparable. However, Wacker also says: If there were problems with his tests, they were not due to the material, but were mostly of a constructive nature – because the glue on the seams came loose.

Now it’s getting sporty and elegant: In autumn fashion for men, casual driver gloves made of high-quality materials are absolutely hip in 2012. However, you don’t have to sit behind the wheel to experience this trend.

Fall fashion 2012 for men: these are the trends
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How to Wear Driver Gloves 2012

Luxury, elegance and a hint of decadence are among the fashion guidelines for men in 2012. Cool outfits made of materials such as leather and velvet give the gentleman of the world a lot of charm in the dark season. It’s not for nothing that the dandy look is back in trend at the moment. And accessories such as the trendy driver gloves round off the current style requirements. (Dandy look: start cool in autumn)

A typical distinguishing feature of the casual gloves is the round recess on the top, which allows a view of the back of the hand of the wearer. The must-haves are made from fine materials such as sheep or deer nappa. Whether cool and smooth or in a quilted design – with the trendy hand warmers you wear a real eye-catcher when strolling through the city or on the way to work. (Fall fashion for men: these are the must-haves 2012)

Fall fashion for men in retro style

Behind the cool driver gloves there is a trend with a retro character. The glove style is not entirely new: when automotive technology was still in its infancy around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, warming accessories were a fashionable and practical must-have. The first cars did not have a closed driver’s cab, so it could get really drafty on the joyride.

For convertible owners today, driver gloves are not only chic, but still serve their practical purpose. The high-quality material makes them robust, comfortable to wear and lasts for more than just one fashion season.

Monk straps are the 2013/2014 shoe trend and at the same time immortal classics. The elegant leather shoes equipped with buckles are the right companions for almost every occasion. The shoe trend for autumn 2013 and winter 2013/2014 is particularly evident when worn with tight-fitting trousers.

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Monkstraps: trend from the Renaissance

Monk straps presumably go back to the footwear with strap fastenings of alpine monks from the 15th century. The shoes from the Renaissance era are also the absolute men’s shoe trend in fashion for the autumn 2013 and winter 2013/2014 seasons.

Men’s shoe trend 2013/2014

In contrast to the brogues, which are also heavily featured in the 2013 shoe trend, monk straps are the right foot covering for almost every occasion. A typical feature of these men’s shoes is a strap running across the instep, which can be closed with one or two buckles at the side. In the latter case it is a double monk.

The classic versions in black and brown leather in particular go well with both jeans and business suits and are therefore absolutely practical all-round men’s shoes.

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Combined with tight pants

In general, shoes with belts and buckles are popular in the autumn 2013 and winter 2013/2014 seasons.